How I Dealt With a Difficult Project Experience

I recently just finished a huge project in my biomedical innovations class where we had to research, design an emergency room, present, and create two original innovations in the time span of about 2 weeks – let’s just say it was not an easy project to complete.

As a group of three, we all had decided what our roles were going to be for the project and we worked collaboratively while still working on a designated part of the assignment. For me, that meant I would design the hospital and create it through the computer program SketchUp; this is also where I encountered the first problem with this project. Two years after I had learned how to use the basics of SketchUp in a foundations of technology class, I had to teach myself and refresh my memory of the technology skills that I was only once adequate. These factors definitely made it seem like all odds were against me in this project, and it made it more difficult for me to complete the SketchUp to the best of my abilities in the time given, which can be seen in the outcome of the project. I cannot say that I utilized any special techniques or tricks to fix my situation, but the one thing I did do to deal with the project (or to make feel better about it) was to think positive thoughts and omit positive vibes. It sounds like such a millennial thing to say or do, but in order to keep myself from having a nervous breakdown and beating myself up, I had to reflect on all that I did right instead of all that I did wrong.nghia-le-57365

Another large problem that I and many other people incurred when completing this  project is the amount of stress it caused. I do not think that this project alone was the cause the all the stress but for me it was a definitely a large factor. It did not help that college applications for most schools were due in the same time period, Three other projects were due on on the same day or a couple days within the deadline of this project, and the participation of multiple clubs that can also be time consuming. I think the best way that I dealt with this problem of the project was to figure out what my priorities were and work on those assignments accordingly. So at the time of this project, college applications were the most important thing to me as it has a greater affect on my future than any project, and then I went down a list of the classes I find of more importance over others. It also made me feel more confident in my choices when I had some sort of validation from someone else telling me I was doing the right thing, and so luckily for me, I had understanding group members going through the same situation as me, and were able to talk about what was best for ourselves and group, which eased my stress.

The ways I dealt with a difficult project had more to do with how I tried to maintain good mental health in a time period where it can really suffer, but it just as important to care for one’s well being as much as one would care for schoolwork.


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